Dancing Saloon Pale Ale

Blackjack Beers
5.2% ABV 440ml
Vegan Friendly

Dancing Saloon Hazy Pale Ale by Blackjack Beers.

A soft, hazy pale made to have low bitterness and big juicy aromas. A combination of Oats and Wheat give a big velvety softness to this beer before then being hit with 2 of the biggest hops out there – Citra and Simcoe.

A beer designed for deceptively easy drinking and becomes our go to loftier ABV pint for all those juice lovers.

VISUAL: near opaque bright yellow & orange juice haziness with a big foam head
AROMA: bright mandarin & orange citrus meets with tropical juicy sweets
TASTE: big juicy flavours, in particular Sunny D orange, give way to a sweet malt body
MOUTHFEEL: Full, soft, pillowy texture & the slightest hint of hop bitterness

You can order Dancing Saloon Pale Ale by Blackjack Beers for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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