Disco Infiltrator West Coast IPA

Polly's Brew Co
6.4% ABV 440ml
Vegan Friendly

Disco Infiltrator West Coast IPA by Polly’s Brew Co.

Disco Infiltrator, designed by our very own Head of Sales Arron. Waxing lyrical for his love of everything West Coast, it’s almost become infamous within the walls of the brewery our ongoing quest to make in his mind, the perfect West Coast IPA. We’ve gotten close plenty of times, but that quest to quench goes on. No longer though – in collaboration with our brewers, we’ve pulled a recipe out that when tasting after canning, made Arron go “Yep, this is it lads”. Going 90% Pale/10% Crystal on the grist bill, and almost entirely hot side on the hopping, this beer is piney, resinous, and a perfect homage to those incredible breweries without whom we wouldn’t exist.

You can order Disco Infiltrator West Coast IPA by Polly's Brew Co for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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