Do It Puritan! 2 Damson Cider

Little Pomona
7.3% ABV 750ml

In late September our lovely neighbour Pensons Restaurant arrived with 150kg of damsons for us. They’re from an orchard I’d walked before, very old on the top of Walls Hill, an Iron Age fort that looms above our house. It’s a curious and tranquil place. The trees, gnarled and bent through what must be 70 years, are very individual.

The plan was to treat the Damsons just like grapes but specifically Gamay from Beaujolais, using a process known as carbonic maceration. So with the help of trusty friends, we spent the day hand-sorting the fruit and popping them one by one into an ex-whisky barrel that we’d just had shipped down from Scotland. After that we filled the barrel with CO2, popped an airlock on the bung hole and left it to ferment

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