Old Ale Amontillado BA

Marble Beers
12.4% ABV 660ml
Vegan Friendly

Old Ale Amontillado Barrel Aged by Marble Beers.

Our 2018 vintage Old Ale aged in Amontillado sherry casks for 51 weeks and then further aged in bottle for 50 weeks. The base ale has mellowed with age giving a rich, intriguing nose and sumptuous palette. Holding all of the goodness imbibed by the first filled casks allowing for layers of evolving flavour. Country fruits, elegant nuts and echoes of tobacco all blend seamlessly for depth and complexity. Best drunk slightly chilled and allowed to warm while drinking, unwrapping its layers of smooth luxurious flavour.

You can order Old Ale Amontillado BA by Marble Beers for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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