Pla-ket Ket Ket-ket Fruited Gose

Pomona Island
5% ABV 440ml
Vegan Friendly

Pla-ket Ket Ket-ket is a Sloe, Raspberry and Blackberry Gose by Pomona Island.

An intense gose with huge berry additions. You get deep, bitter notes (that’s the Sloe Berries), sharp, tart pulp (that’s the Raspberries) balanced with rich, sweet fruit (that’s the blackberries). A touch of Halen Mon sea salt and your mouth goes Pla-ket ket ket-ket.

You can order Pla-ket Ket Ket-ket Fruited Gose by Pomona Island for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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