Robert Brett Ale

Trial & Ale Brewing Company
5.8% ABV 750ml

Robert Brett Ale by Trial & Ale Brewing Company.

Very rarely do we name a beer in such a direct way, we generally prefer references to descriptors. Over the long process of developing all of our blends from brew to barrel to bottle to label, we generally “discover” the names of our blends when we refer to them throughout the entirety of the blend production through internal references made, tasting notes, anecdotes, etc. In every step of the development of this wild blend, “Blood Orange Brett” was eventually shortened to “Bob,” which inevitably had some formality added back to it to become “Robert.” We find the interplay between our Brett cultures and blood orange difficult to define a cutoff between the flavours. Of all the citrus fruits in the realm of possibility, blood orange is definitely the most “wild” among them. This lack of a rigid structure and flavour disambiguation speaks to the inherent pairing abilities of our Brett cultures’ earthiness and the citric tang native to blood orange. Of note is that this is a wild blend, not sour, which highlights the wild funk creating properties of our cultures, while maintaining a slight fruit derived tartness and beer structure.

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