Svelte Lager 12° Czech Pilsner

4.8% ABV 440ml

Svelte Lager 12° Czech Pilsner by RedWillow Brewery.

RedWillow were excited to gain access to some of a very special heritage Hana lager malt germinated from original Czech seeds and floor malted. It was first developed and grown in the Hana region of Czech Moravia, an area of Europe long fabled for its high quality malting barley. It was used to make the first ever golden blond lager in Pilsen in 1842.

Given the heritage and authenticity of the malt we made every ever effort to brew a traditional Czech lager. Using a traditional decoction mash technique we produced an incredible sweet wort which slowly fermented over 2 weeks before lagering in tank for a further 4 weeks. We used only the finest Czech Saaz hops.

The result is a pale, slender & elegant lager full of body poured with a white head. In a word – DELICIOUS.

You can order Svelte Lager 12° Czech Pilsner by Redwillow for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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