Unknown Topography DIPA

Track Brewing Company
8% ABV 440ml
Vegan Friendly

Unknown Topography Imperial IPA by Track Brewing Company with Cerebral.

Now this is an interesting one…..Our collaboration with Cerebral has the first pitch in the UK of a brand new yeast from WHC. This yeast is a strain which has some very cool enzyme activity. It has high beta-glucosidase activity which plays a part in hop biotransformation and the production of increased flavour. It also has an enzyme which liberates bound thiols (sounds rad right?), found in both malt and hops, which further increases the fruity flavour in the final beer (think Mango, Guava and Passionfruit). In this beer, we added chinook hops to the mash and selected varieties for dry hopping which have been proven to contain more of these bound thiols and thus will lead to more flavour in the finished beer.

You can order Unknown Topography DIPA by Track Brewing Company for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

Country United Kingdom


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