Separated to a Degree (Summer 2021) Sour Ale

Trial & Ale Brewing Company
7.1% ABV 750ml

Separated to a Degree (Summer 2021) Mixed fermentation ale by Trial & Ale Brewing Company.

Separated To A Degree – Summer 2021 is the third turn of our award winning mixed fermentation blend. We’ve blended this release with the same elaborate mixture of wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria with the goal of preserving the flavour profile above all else. Presented with light copper hues and a citrus nose, the first impression of upfront lactic sourness soon gives way to a retronasal grapefruit olfaction that delights. To offer a balance to the acidity, a distinctive, delicately layered Brettanomyces character provides a baseline funk and backbone to the blend, providing even more depth to explore. We wanted to showcase our blend to be the difference, not the similarity. While there are many qualities that make this beer a textbook American Sour & Wild Mixed Fermentation by style, there are yet more characteristics that separate it from the pack. We hope that this is the first of many of our blends you come to enjoy in the future.

You can order Separated to a Degree (Summer 2021) Sour Ale by Trial & Ale Brewing Company for UK delivery or collection from our bottle shop in Stockport.

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